Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Speed Cameras

The Oxfordshire Council have turned off speed cameras in an effort to save money.

Surely this now suggests that speed cameras do not generate a profit. If they did, then surely the smart move would be to add more speed cameras. I wonder how many people claiming that speed camera are simply revenue gathering devices will reconsider their position? If their position was rational and based on facts, then this decision would never have been taken. If, however, their position was merely hyperbole and their own prejudice, then they'll probably feel pleased, even though they've been proven wrong.


I'm not sure how often I'll actually blog, but I will start now. It'll be a random collection of things that interest me - and for those who know me, the combination will be very random. At first glance, I suspect it'll include things like films, language, F1, books, music, science, philosophy, management, politics, dancing, TV, rugby and culture.

But that list is by no means exhaustive.